package io

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Type Members

  1. trait AudioFile extends Channel
  2. final case class AudioFileSpec(fileType: AudioFileType = AudioFileType.AIFF, sampleFormat: SampleFormat = SampleFormat.Float, numChannels: Int, sampleRate: Double, byteOrder: Option[ByteOrder] = None, numFrames: Long = 0L) extends Product with Serializable
  3. sealed trait AudioFileType extends AnyRef

    A recognized audio file type.

  4. type Frames = Array[Array[Float]]
  5. trait ReaderFactory extends AnyRef
  6. abstract class SampleFormat extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object AudioFile extends ReaderFactory

    The AudioFile allows reading and writing of sound files.

    The AudioFile allows reading and writing of sound files. It can operate both on a RandomAccessFile created from a File instance, or on an kind of InputStream (not every codec will support this though, and functionality might be limited, for example seeking is not possible with a plain InputStream).

    The codecs are registered with AudioFileType. The codecs that come with AudioFile are found in the impl package.

    Reading and writing data requires a user-buffer which holds de-interleaved floating point data, that is a two dimensional Array which holds Float data. A type alias Frames is provided for this, and two helper methods buffer: one static to construct an arbitrary user-buffer, one in class AudioFile which creates a buffer with the appropriate channel number.

    To do

    the copyTo method uses a user-buffer. it should check for the possibility to directly transfer data if input and output are compatible.

    See also


  2. object AudioFileSpec extends Serializable
  3. object AudioFileType
  4. object BuildInfo extends Product with Serializable

    This object was generated by sbt-buildinfo.

  5. object SampleFormat

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